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Sea Safari: Historical Shipwrecks

Sunday 4 July, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Suitability: 18+


The North coast is known for its treacherous waters and rocky coastline, which over the centuries has led to hundreds of ships being lost at sea. Many of these shipwrecks are of historical importance, such as the wreck of the La Girona, a Spanish Galleon laden with gold which sank in 1588. During the tour we may visit the historic wreck site of La Girona as well as the wartime wrecks of the HMS Drake, torpedoed by U-boat U79 in 1917, The HMS Brisk and the S.S. Lugano a 2,373ton cargo vessel, which sank rapidly carrying Cotton and steel. Then finish your tour with a walk into the past, visiting the intact wreck site of the SS Lochgarry, a troop vessel lost at sea during world war two, now laying upright off the coast of Rathlin. An incredible opportunity for keen historians, underwater archaeologists or wreck enthusiasts to see the shear size and scale of the vessel from surface using state of the art digital technology whilst on board our vessel.

The vessel for this eco trip is registered and licensed by the Coastguard and all safety equipment and guide is included.

Please bring a packed lunch and binoculars/camera. Dress warmly and for the outdoors.

We will meet at Ballycastle Harbour.

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Ballycastle Marina
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