Sensory Science

A Virtual Dive Through a Rocky Reef in Strangford Lough

Friday 19 February, 3:00 am - 3:30 am

Suitability: 10 Yrs +

Free - Donations Welcome

This is a free, online virtual experience specifically designed for anyone experiencing hearing loss. 

The unique seabed in Strangford Lough supports diverse and colourful marine species communities for which it is designated as a Marine Conservation Zone. A number of shipwrecks in the Lough also reflect its rich maritime history.

Take part in this virtual dive to explore an underwater rocky reef and shipwreck in Strangford Lough from the eyes of a diver, alongside your dive buddy, marine biologist Bernard Picton, who will guide you through the captivating critters that you encounter along the way. This raw, unrefined footage will give you a true feel for diving in the sea around Northern Ireland, without having to get wet!

The virtual dive will be streamed live on YouTube and participants will have the option to include either Irish or British sign language interpretation when booking. Use the comments facility to ask questions to your hosts as the dive is streamed.

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