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'A Perfect Planet' Conversations


Suitability: 14 Yrs +


Join The Open University academic consultants behind the acclaimed BBC/OU co-production ‘A Perfect Planet’.  Based on the programme and its awe-inspiring exploration of Earth’s power and fragility, Professor Stephen Lewis and Professor Hazel Rymer will talk about their ideas of perfection in forces of nature.  You will also hear how they use ‘perfect’ study systems in their research as they discuss some of the core concepts in the programme.
The event will feature the opportunity for a live audience question and answer session.
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About the speakers
Prof. Stephen Lewis, Professor of Atmospheric Physics 
Stephen Lewis is Professor of Atmospheric Physics at The Open University. His research interests include the dynamics of planetary atmospheres and using computer modelling to understand spacecraft observations and the evolution of planetary climates. This includes Mars, Venus, the Giant Planets, Exoplanets and the climate of Earth in the distant past. Results from Stephen’s work have been used by both ESA and NASA in planning space missions, in particular for Mars exploration. He teaches subjects ranging from Electromagnetism to Environmental Science.  
Hazel Rymer, Professor of Environmental Volcanology
Hazel Rymer, Professor of Environmental Volcanology at The Open University. She has pioneered the use of gravity measurements at active volcanoes to understand their structure and behaviour. The methods she has developed are used by many volcano observatories worldwide to monitor volcanic activity and to predict eruptions. She has worked on volcanoes from Iceland to New Zealand and from Europe to Central & South America. Her ‘perfect’ volcano is one that doesn’t destroy her monitoring equipment by erupting onto it!

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