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an immersive audiovisual experience exploring the impact of climate change on the environment through sound

Biophonia is a project led by researchers and tutors of JAM4, a Creative Music Technology course based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen's University Belfast, in collaboration with NI Science Festival. 

The team worked with children and teenagers across a series of workshops. First, the participants were introduced to the researchers and their work and then discussed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the impact of climate change on the soundscape of our natural and built environment. Through hands-on engagement at SARC, the young participants learnt about the science of sound recording and produced their own field recordings, seeking to document how climate change has impacted our environment, through sound. The next phase of workshops saw the participants learn audio editing and processing techniques to create audio artefacts that would be put together into an immersive audiovisual performance... 

On February 15, this showcase will take place online, streaming an ambisonic immersive performance "Biophonia" from the Sonic Lab, a state of the art 360 audio facility based at SARC. 

Put on your headphones, join the streamed event and step into the audiovisual, immersive soundscape of Biophonia.





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