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Science Boxes with Science Starz

Ongoing throughout the festival

Suitability: 3 - 11 Yrs

Science Starz are back this year with more hands-on fun science: this time with science you can do from home! We'll post you a box and you can follow along at home with our handy video!

Science Starz have a variety of science kits with activities that children ages 3 to 11 can carry out with easy-to-follow online instructions. We will be posting the corresponding videos on our YouTube channel during the festival, and these activities will be sure to foster a love of science from a young age!

1. Make a Grass Head: Children will love watching their Grass Head sprout 'hair' and keep growing. They will then be able to trim the 'hair' and create funky hair styles, with grass that keeps on growing. They will love having something to care for and will have it for a long time, so long as it gets plenty of light and water - the perfect pet! £6* (recommended ages: 3-6)

2. Make a Lemon Battery: Learn about electricity by making a battery out of lemons to light an LED bulb in this fun, exciting activity. Children are always wowed when they see their LED bulb light up! A great introduction to electricity, this simple circuits activity will be sure to ignite an interest in engineering or technology.  £6.50* (recommended ages: 8-11) 2 lemons required (not included)

3. Make a Bath Bomb: Ignite 4 out of the 5 senses in this fun, sensory-based activity. Bath bombs react in water to create a chemical reaction (100% science!), so children get to learn the science behind what goes in to making a bath bomb and make one themselves. This could be the beginning of a career in a science lab! £6.50* (recommended ages: 6-11)

4. Make a Catapult: For any child that enjoys shooting projectiles, this one is sure to entertain! Learn about forces while making this simple, yet, oh-so-effective, catapult and launch the projectiles (included) for hours of entertainment! £6* (recommended ages: 6-11)

You can also purchase a lab coat and goggles so your little ones can feel like a proper scientist!

*Booking fee covers postage costs for your item.  Items will be posted one week before festival, kits ordered from 8th February may arrive after the festival.

We have also partnered with Libraries NI to make kits available for groups in disadvantaged areas - all thanks to the support of the Halifax Foundation.  

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