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Earth Day: Climate Clips Competition (Schools)

Thursday 22 April - Wednesday 26 May

Suitability: Key Stage 2 & 3

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On Thursday 22 April, NI Science Festival will host a master documentary filmmaking session with Dutch filmmaker Mirjam Marks, Lilly from Thailand Climate Clip and Julieta from the film, Juliete and the Turtles will  will share their experiences about the projects.  

This webinar will consist of a short documentary 'JovannaForFuture' and 'Juliete & The Turtles in the Plastic Soup' and ClimateClips, an online interactive platform with contributions from over 80 children from over 50 countries worldwide.  Mirjam and two participants of the ClimateClip project will speak in the presentation, share their experiences and thoughts about climate change and show their ClimateClips. 

Mirjam will then set your pupils a challenge to create their very own ClimateClips, detailing what climate change and things around them affect our climate.  Mirjam will also show clips (trailers) from her previously created films and she will give a short masterclass on how to create a documentary film, demonstrating film techniques to get the pupils started to make their own personal Climateclip. 

The Nerve Centre Creative Learning Centre will then provide film Masterclasses for your pupils to learn more filmmaking techniques.  They will also answer any questions or difficulties your pupils might have.  These filmmaking masterclasses will take place, as planned:

Monday 26 April, 11am -  Film Techniques

Tuesday 27 April, 11am - Film Techniques

Wednesday 28 April, 11am - Film Techniques

Thursday 29 April, 11am - Digital Audio Techniques.  

Within these workshops your pupils will learn various film techniques, such as camera shots/ angles, editing, and audio.  

Friday 7 May, 2pm we will then hold a Q+A session by Mirjam Marks, where Mirjam will answer any questions your pupils might have as well as show one of her films.  

Competition deadline: Friday 14th May

Winners showcase event / announced: Friday 26th May





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