Mind & Body

An Open Door: An insight into Men’s Shed Northern Ireland

Saturday 2 October, 1:00 am - 1:30 am

Suitability: 10 Yrs +



Originating from Australia in the 90’s, the first Men’s shed in Ireland opened in early 2009. Since then over 400 men’s sheds have sprung up across Ireland – at least three in each county, North and South – the country enjoys the greatest concentration of men’s sheds anywhere in the world.

In this film we hear directly from some men in Northern Ireland and how they have felt a renewed sense of purpose since joining their local shed. We also hear from Dr Davina Carr who has been a significant figure behind a funded Social Prescribing Research Project which has notably shown the vital importance of community group organisations such as the Men’s Sheds and the impact they have on health and wellbeing in individuals such as these men. 

It is clear that organisations like this play a vital role in allowing individuals to reconnect with others and instilling a sense of identity and belonging to carry them through even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Further Information

If you, or someone you care about, would like to look into joining or forming a men’s shed, please email: mensshed@groundworkni.co.uk 

Alternatively visit: https://www.groundwork.org.uk/hubs/northernireland/projects/mens-sheds/

For more information on the topics raised in this film please visit: www.mindingyourhead.info